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At Brand301 we specialise in working with companies who recognise the potential in developing and nurturing their brand into a powerful corporate asset.


301 Madison Avenue, New York was the address of the first Branding Agency that our Creative Director, Simon Pailin was introduced to back in 1992 when visiting NY while working for publishing client The Economist.

It had a profound effect!


  • Overall, because branding is about creating and sustaining trust it means delivering on promises. The best and most successful brands are completely coherent. Every aspect of what they do and what they are reinforces everything else.

    - Wally Olins -

What we do best

Without your brand you are anonymous. In these days of increasing competition where your competitors are easier and easier to find, it is vital to develop and nurture your brand persona.


For many consumers the brand is the starting touchpoint of a relationship, for others it’s the brand that keeps the relationship alive. We deliver creative solutions that strongly identify with a brand’s target audiences. There is a very definite commercial reality in recognising the power of a brand and what it can do for your company.


Brands need to evolve as their products, services and perceptions evolve. Brand equity is a valuable asset that is hard won but can be easily lost. When evolving a brand it is vital to look at all aspects of an organisation’s personality, its customers and its prospects and craft a solution that works at all levels.


Emotions play a large part in developing a bond between brand and audience and it is dependent on the brand to create and manage expectations. Developing a brand positioning strategy focuses the mind of both the consumer and the organisation itself on what that brand stands for.


Underpinning any range of products or services is the core brand, however, developing a cohesive brand family can be equally important in widening appeal and reaching new markets. Careful consideration needs to be taken when looking at new areas and tailoring them for their specific target market.


This very often boils down to just a few key sentiments. These sentiments play as much a vital role as any visual icon in developing the personality of the brand. And when it comes to product level the same thing applies – strong key messages that capture the imagination, live in the memory and foster the relationship.


It is important to become the guardian of your brand. Brand guidelines can be voluminous and strict or flexible and exciting. But they play a vital part in delivering a cohesive and consistent personality to present to both the inside and outside world.


We’ve been in advertising for more years than we care to mention and much of what we do is instinctive, but we never stop learning and we approach each new challenge with excitement and enthusiasm as if it were our first! In order to communicate with an audience you need to empathise with them.


Every mark on the communication piece plays a part. Our design is crafted to make every element work as hard as it can. We achieve total empathy with the viewer and convey your messages in a powerful way that is consistent with the aims of your brand strategy.


With a strong heritage in direct response marketing we recognise the value of good copy writing. It’s also true that a few good words can paint a thousand pictures! What you say in words plays as important a role in establishing and building your relationship than how you are presented graphically.

  • Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

    - Jeff Bezos -



When implementing a brand strategy there are many activities that are touched upon and we provide a wide range of delivery services to help.


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